MOA Nickel, Cuba

I&C for boilers 2 x 125 t/h, turbines 2 x 12.5 MW and 1 x 25 MW and CHÚV

Between the years 2004–2013 in the nickel processing factory „Commander Ernesto Che Guevara“ in Moa (Cuba) reconstruction of the energy part of factory was done in the range:
• Supply of two new steam boilers K6, K7 with an steam output of 150 t / h
• Supplying steam turbogenerator 25 MWe TG3
• Modernization of TG1 and TG2 turbine generators with a capacity of 12.5 MWe, material supply (realization is awaiting).
• Modernization of the machine room and fuel system
• Modernization and expansion of chemical treatment of water

ENERGO CONTROL Ltd. participated in the project as supplier of the control system in the scope:
• The verification of actual state
• The preparation of project documentation – Basic Engineering
• The preparation of the draft of realization – Detail Engineering
• Delivery of the field instruments in the scope according to technical specification
• Delivery of the mount material in the scope according to technical specification
• Supply, revival and implementation of ecological emission measurements
• Supply of valves including servomotors
• Delivery of technical equipment for DCS
• Supply of architectural equipment for the control room
• Delivery of DCS control system, including operator’s workstations
• Technical assistance during installation of devices and supplied equipment
• Creation of end user application program
• Participation in testing and commissioning