Johns Manville Slovakia, s.r.o. Trnava

I&C for melting aggregate 3 and respective auxiliary technologies

The SKLOPLAST Trnava production facility which has been the member of the Johns Manville concern since 2001 produces glass fibre for industrial use for the purpose of the production of thermally insulated materials, plastic semi-finished products for a wide spectre of industries ranging from automobile up to chemical industry.
The technology process includes the fusing of the basic material – glass sand – into the glass seal from which the industrial glass fibre is made by means of a special technology process.
The basis of the process of fusing lies in the scanning of the temperature profile of the glass seal and of the atmosphere above the glass seal; and regulating of temperatures in the particular fusing zones of the fusing aggregate and feeders of the mine in order to achieve the required temperature drop during the whole route of the molten glass up to the traction stand point.
Gas is the main heating medium, boosting is auxiliary and the fibres are formed in special glass furnaces with resistance electric heating.
The ENERGO CONTROL company in cooperation with the ABB Elektro company succeeded in the tender competition in 2004 for the selection of the supplier of the electric device and automatic for the new “Furnace Aggregate no. 3”.
The ENERGO CONTROL company acted as a subcontractor for the Furnace Aggregate no. 3, in which they provided for all the operation control units of ASRTP and PRS technology /within the extend of low tension/ including field instruments and computer network.
Skilled professionals with relevant licences, certificates and particular experience from the construction of previous furnace aggregates no. TA 2 and TA 5 have provided the elaboration of construction drawings, programming works, delivery of machinery and equipment, performance of electric installations, putting into operation, adjusting and testing.

Scope of installed DCS:
Redundant processors – 16
Operator stations – 6
Engineer stations – 3
Archive station – 1
Maintenance station – 1
AMS station – 1

Technical scope of DSC hardware:
AI: 830
AI Hart : 80
AO: 300
BI: 1 560
BO: 800

Scope of low voltage distributors
Amount of low voltage distributor fields – 130

Main production technology nods
Drawing (cutting)
Cooling station of warmed water
Lubrication boiling house
Batch house and transport

Auxiliary production technology nods
Intermediate transport
VF drying rooms
Storage and dispatching