U.S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.

DR Energetics - TG3V - I&C

The Energo Control s.r.o. company has performed mostly the reconstruction and modernisation of technology equipment of devices for steam and electric power generation in the Energetika production division.

The Energo Control s.r.o. company together with the main contractor, the Energyco s.r.o company has performed the modernisation of the TG3V turbo generator in the form of the final supply of the control system within the following extent:

  • Supply and installation of measurement and regulation circuits;
  • Production and supply of distribution technology;
  • Introduction of the new B&R 2010 control system;
  • Supply of Woodward 505E regulation system for the regulation of turbine output;
  • Adjustment of operating distribution of heavy current for sequence control of drives by the new control system