Refinery Cienfuegos, Cuba

DCS, CMS and SPE -  documentation, delivery, installation, commissioning

Refinery in Cienfuegos based on soviet technology was finished in 1989. It was in
operation approximately till 1995, afterwards operation was abrupt because of cancellation of
colaboration with main products supplier.
There was designed a study of refinery reactivation and recover of its operation in 2005.
Means of reactivation consist mainly of:

  • repairs of existing technological devices
  • repairs of actuators – pumps, valves and closing valves
  • modernization of field instrumentation
  • complete replacement of original pneumatic remote control regulation and control system for modern computer control system

    In 2006 Cuban’s company CUPET made a selection of contractors for refinery reactivation in collaboration with Venezuelan company PDSVA.

    ENERGO CONTROL Ltd. presented as an offer conception, which was accepted by customer and integrated into realization project of refinery modernization in the following range:

• complete replacement of filed instrumentation – pressure, temperature, flow and level sensors and analytic measurement
• complete replacement of cable connection
• deployment of computer control systems for automatic control and protection of technological process in the following range:
o DCS – decentralized control system
o ESD – emergency shut-down system
o CMS – safety compressor management system
o BMS – safety burner management system