U.S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.

Steelworks Division -Dusting off OC1 -;PS422 Overheated steam for demi watwer heating - I&C, heavy current equipments - supplies, assembly, debugging

The Energo Control s.r.o. company has performed the Control and Regulation System and Heavy Current Operating Distribution on the equipment of steam reduction stations within the parent project “Dusting-off OC1” for the steelworks division in the following extent:

  • Elaboration of design documentation;
  • Delivery of instruments for measurement and regulation circuits;
  • Production and supply of distribution technology;
  • Delivery, installation and putting into operation the frequency switches;
  • Delivery and extension of decentralised Simatic S7 control system;
  • Development of user software;
  • Installation