SE a.s. - clasic Power Plant

Power Plant Vojany Condensate post-treatment plant

Characteristic of EVO:

Thermal powerplant Vojany comprise of two energetical plants. EVO I contains 6×110 MWe energetical units and EVO II contains 6×110 MWe energetical units.
EVO is are connected and operated within Slovak Electrical Power System and play a significant role in basic, semi-peak and peak mode. Significant benefit in Slovak Electrical Power System is wide-ranging control of power in particular that of EVO II units and of EVO I restored Units 5 and 6. With their installed capacity of 1,320 MWe these account for some 20% of S.E. installed capacity.
EVO II consists of a regulating power plant the generating blocks of which are put into operation in case of scheduled or unscheduled outages on other sources.